East Texas Labrador Retrievers

Previous Litters & Testimonials



King Hudsons Waterbound Sonny Boy
Oh my, the adventures and pleasure this dog has brought our family.  Sonny Boy is a very calm, sweet and loveable dog.  He is so serious when it comes to retrieving his ball that we sometimes have to hide it from him because he wears us out - however he NEVER tires!  His focus and athleticism is unbelievable. He is funny and is such a part of our family, we don't know what we did without him! The Schlein Family - 2012 Houston, Texas


 Bailey & Winston

I have loved dogs since I was a young child. After searching for the right puppies, I was starting to lose hope until I came across Barbara's website. When I received the news from Barbara that Ruby had given birth and I would be getting Winston and Bailey I was over joyed. I could not wait to see my two little angels and bring them home.  Winston and Bailey are two of the smartest dogs I have ever been around. They were so easy to train and so eager to learn. They love to swim, they love to rumble with one another, they love to go on walks, they enjoy long rides in the car and they love to take long afternoon naps. I can't imagine my life without Winston and Bailey-they are my kids!

"Every once in a while, dogs enter your life and change everything!"

Michelle Bennett
Pearland, TX


Pine Prairie's Walk The Line
Dear Barbara,  I am writing to tell you how pleased my family and I are with the puppy we bought from you in 2010.  He has been such a delight and without a doubt the best Lab my husband and I have ever had!  My husband and his parents raised, competed and professionally trained Labs for most of his childhood.They have trained numerous Master Hunter and Champion Field Trial dogs.  In fact, I believe my husband is still the youngest owner and trainer to have a Master Hunter in the AKC, he was 9 years old.  Both my husband and his mother agree that "Walker" has been the smartest and easiest dog to train out of the hundreds they have handled.  My husband says, "you show him something once, he masters it in two tries then looks at you like "what's next boss"?  A lot of my husband's hunting buddies have started leaving their own dogs at the house and just letting Walker retrieve for them also.  We have had as many as 5 experienced hunters together at one time and Walker can successfully retrieve all kills for everyone.  He has a great personality and is truly a member of the family! Thank you so much.  The McCall Family - Huntington, Texas


Dear Barbara, I can’t even begin to tell you how pleased I am with Madison aka Madie.  She is by far the best dog I have ever owned!  We go to the dog park twice a day and almost every time we are there she gets compliments on her shiny coat and how beautiful she is.  I’m sure she would make an awesome hunting dog, as when we are at the dog park she could care less that there are other dogs around, but instead focuses intently on the ball or Frisbee and will retrieve for hours on end.  Also we have had groups of people start clapping for her while we are playing Frisbee - she has become very good with the Frisbee.  She is also very, very good with my 2-year old niece, who asks every time I see her “where is Madie?”  I am going to get Madie into Dock Diving since she is now almost jumping all the way across my pool when I throw the Frisbee.  I have traveled all across the country with her from day one, even stopping to see her Mom & Dad (Ruby & Blu), and have to say she is the best travel companion I have ever had!  I only wish I were in a position to take on another dog, if I were I would get one from your new litter in a heartbeat! – Jeff Collins, Arizona

King Hudsons Waterbound Danny Boy
Dear Barbara, I am delighted to tell you how happy we are with our puppy from your Christmas 2009 litter.  Danny is such a part of our family.  He is so funny and a joy to be around.  He is very smart and learns quickly.  In fact, my daughter decided to show him in agility and after only 2 months of training and only one private lesson she won FIRST PLACE on her first performance at the Open 4-H show and qualified for the State Show in Houston.  In this show she competed against all levels and all ages, including advanced professionals.  Unfortunately, we had a once in a lifetime vacation planned with a large group of our family that conflicted with the State Show dates.  I feel confident Danny would have performed wonderfully and placed well on the State level.  None of our family are hunters but he loves the water and I know he would have made a fabulous hunting dog.  The Schlein Family -–Houston, Texas
I had waited a long time for just the right Labrador Retriever. I was fortunate enough to see Wilbur's brother Danny Boy in action and KNEW I had to have a puppy from Ruby and Blu.  Wilbur has certainly not been a disappointment.  He is incredible.  He is such a loving dog, he is not only a great retriever he is just beautiful.  He has been fantastic around my children, they just love him.  I am a very proud owner.  The Horton Family - Lufkin, Texas

Hunter's Huntin' Diesel 
Dear Barbara, I purchased Diesel from your January 2017 litter. He is a son of Sonny Boy and exhibits many of his mannerisms. Diesel loves to play fetch with anyone that will throw his ball, but is also very protective of the house when new people come around. He has been the best dog I have ever owned. He is very smart and so easy to train. He has the best personality and is very loving. - Hunter Hopper - Huntington, Texas 

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